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What Could Have Been
I never got fairy godparents.
I wasn't recruited for the Kids Next Door.
I never got a Hogwarts letter.
I didn't fly to Neverland.
I didn't fall through a rabbit-hole,
And I didn't travel through a looking-glass.
I never went to Alfea.
I didn't adopt an alien for a pet.
I didn't find Narnia.
No monsters appeared from the closet.
I didn't develop any mutant powers.
I have yet to meet the Doctor.
What are my chances of meeting Gandalf?
I doubt a Delorian is going to show up anytime soon.
Sam, Dean, Cass, and Gabe-
I'm praying for you to show up,
Either at my house, in my hometown, or at my college;
You are my last chance for an awesome adventure.
So, please, show up and take me with you.
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 1 2
When It's My Time
When it's my time, I think I'll see a dirt road,
It'll be summer and I'll be hearing a mash-up of Knocking on Heaven's Door and Stairway to Heaven.
I'll see a summer day at my grandparent's house,
My little sisters, older cousin, baby brother, stepmom and many others are enjoying a picnic waiting for me.
But when i think about it, I know me,
My place in heaven would be an immense library with a fully-stocked cafe'.
Music, books, film, cats, dogs, drinks, and snacks.
These are my peace.
These are my happiness.
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 1 0
MPme (FMind)
A song plays in my head,
I can't grasp it entirely,
So I switch songs;  change the channel,
Sometimes it works; sometimes it don't.
There's no volume control,
I can't find the off switch,
All I can do is Fly Away Now, Carry On (Wayward Son), Numb (Encore),
It's Just Communication, Rage On, Splash Free!,
All Right Now, R.O.C.K (In The U.S.A),
eh, What The Hell, Show Must Go On.
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0
A Reminder by Catgirl19 A Reminder :iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0 A Reminder by Catgirl19 A Reminder :iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0 Wisdom for the Fangirls and Boys by Catgirl19 Wisdom for the Fangirls and Boys :iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 2 4
Mature content
When the Heart Gets Attached :iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0
Nothing Will Touch
A black '67 Chevy Impala roars down the road,
She carries Earth's greatest brothers,
They are her pride and joy.
Dean is in the driver seat, sharing a laugh with Sam,
It's a good day; Carry On Wayward Son is on the radio & basic hunts are on the agenda,
He is confident nothing will touch Sammy.
Sam happily observes Dean from the passenger seat,
He doesn't mind the music; just happy he's happy,
He knows nothing will touch Dean.
Cass watches the brothers from heaven,
He's proud of the years he's spent by their side,
He prays that nothing will touch Sam and Dean.
Gabe smiles as he watches Sammo and Dean-o,
He sends them fun when their down,
He makes sure nothing will touch them.
Crowley listens in on  the squirrel and moose's activities,
He keeps track on any threats,
HE's the only one allowed to touch the boys.
God watches His Chosen Warriors,
He sees His angels and the King of Hell on the watch over them,
He smiles; nothing will touch the Winchesters.
Sam... Dean... Cass... Gab
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0
Ever ceaseless chatter
Sound of life goes on
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0
The Artist
I pick up the paintbrush and stare at my subjects.
This is what I was summoned for, this is what will make me famous.
The king wanted me to work for him; to paint him and his court.
This isn't what I wanted to do, this isn't true art.
But this feeds my family and makes me known.
Yet, I'm not happy, I'm not fulfilled.
I turn my gaze to my canvas and touch my brush to the paint.
For now, this is all I can do; this is what I must do.
Because, for now, this is all I have.
My brush now touches the canvas.
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 2 3
Mature content
Downward Spiral of a Rockstar :iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 2 0
Am I Worthy
I lack patience for immaturity
I listen to rock and roll
I swear
I am pragmatic
I think all creatures have souls
I read fanfiction
Am I worthy of you, Lord Jesus?
Do I deserve the right to serve you?
Am I good enough?
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 2 0
A tiny hole hatches from an egg
The small creature searches for food
Now a caterpillar, it spins a shell
A beautiful creature breaks out
The butterfly is ready to soar
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 1 0
The night is young
The moon is high and full
Not a cloud in the sky
It is time, the hour is nigh
Time to spread my wings and fly
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 2 1
Thank You, Lord
Thank you for the roof over my head
For the bed I sleep in
For the heart in my chest
For the food on my plate
For the air that I breathe
For the clothes on my back
For the creatures that walk the earth
For the family I was born to
For love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness
For the song in my heart
For the ability to create and speak
For you garden that I walk in
Thank you, Father, for creating me.
:iconcatgirl19:Catgirl19 0 0
Streams of Thought
Words flow...
From my mind...
Down to my fingertips.
They come through a stream...
Flowing on unchallenged...
By rules or obstructions.
This is my medium...
This is my center...
This is my happiness.
But then...
I need to learn how to write...
Around obstructions...
To get to where I want to go...
If cleaning a stream helps it flow...
Why do we restrict creativity?
Add obstacles and pretty soon you have a dam.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
23 years old. I Love reading, writing poetry, and photography. Adore animals, especially cats.
I know you're busy, Father; 
But I wanted to say thank you for what you've given me.
I hope you understand that it's hard for me to live up to your love and I try to do that; 
You know all of my faults and weaknesses, so it amazes me that you still love me.
You know my hopes and my dreams and I like to think that you're encouraging me to follow them.
I realize that I forgot to tell you I love you;
I do love you and I love Jesus, I look forward to meeting you someday.
Sincerely, Your Daughter,
Colleen M. Mary Magdalene Schafer


that moment when you realize that you really haven't changed since high school.
I'm not dead. Just been having trouble finding decent computer access. I'll be posting again soon.


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